A bright new look

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The coffee bar looking bright and fresh

The coffee bar looking bright and fresh

Look at our centre – we’re not finished yet but we’re getting there.

We started the year by clearing out cupboards, and chucking out old materials and resources that hadn’t been looked at for years. It took us five trips to the dump but it was worth it.

We started redecorating the coffee bar – what a difference it’s made. We wanted to make the place brighter and fresher and so as well new paint we’ve added some big and bold signage. We were really grateful to receive a grant from Dorset County Council Leader Robert Gould and with it bought some colourful new sofas and chairs to replace the ones that we had rescued from going to the dump. To complement our new coordinated look, Sarah Childs (one of our youth work team) proved herself a dab hand at upholstery when she recovered our bar stools in a funky material.

Next stage will be to decorate the training area which is very shabby and not a very inspiring place to learn.  We’d like to update the kitchen and dining areas too but first things first…

A big thanks to the staff team, the volunteers and the young people who’ve helped and Stu who is currently finishing off doors and woodwork for us..