Young Parents

Covid-19 update | Join our online community

Our weekly young parents group sessions have stopped for the moment but we’re keeping in touch with everyone and starting to buid a whole new community online.

If you’re a parent under 25 you can join Sarah’s weekly online groups for a bit of chat and moral support.  For more specific advice and guidance about the current situation, finance and universal credit and much more please contact directly on to arrange a time to talk.  Our young mums (and dads) are actively sharing ideas and advice about keeping busy and keeping sane whilst at home with babies and toddlers and post lots of simple ideas for activities on our closed Facebook group pages.

If you’re at home and looking for things to do with the children or need some advice about a particular issue then why not get in touch?

Young Parents
07713 981756 (Jemma)

Being a new parent is exciting but at times it can be overwhelming.  We’re here to help young parents and their families in whatever way we can.

What can we help with?

Practical help: advice, information and guidance

  • Housing— we can help you get on the housing register or negotiate with landlords and housing associations
  • Benefits— we can help untangle benefits problems and make sure you’re in receipt of all the benefits you are entitled to
  • Money & Debt —we can help you put plans in place to deal with debt
  • Food parcels—we can organise food parcels for you and your family—these can be delivered directly to you or you can collect them from our centre
  • Employment & Learning — when the time comes we can help you prepare to go back to work—and if your partner is  under 25 we can help them too. We provide free English and Maths tutoring that leads to a level 2 qualification (GCSE equivalent).
  • Emotional support – a listening ear

“I can discuss my fears and worries without judgment.”

We’re good at listening, nothing shocks us and we don’t judge.  All our young parents say that talking to someone really helps and we can help partners too. We have helped many young parents find ways of dealing with stress and anxiety to become confident and happy young parents.

Young Parents Group

“I love coming to group.  They’ve helped me since I was 16 with housing, finances and advice for my children.  They’re like my second family.”

This is a great way to meet other young parents, share experiences and make friends. We invite speakers on a range of subjects depending on what is of interest to the group and we also go on two trips each year including the pantomime at Christmas.  

How to get involved:

Advice, information and support – a listening ear
For one to one support get in touch with Sarah.  She can be found at the group on Wednesdays (12.30 – 2.30) but is also available on Mondays and Thursdays – get in touch with her (01935 814496).

Home visits
If you would like us to visit us in your home then you need to contact your health visitor who will make a referral. If you don’t want to do that then remember you can just get in touch with us directly.

Young Parents Support Group
There’s no need to book.  You can simply drop in to the group on a Wednesday – you can bring a friend of family member – or, get in touch with Sarah to find out more or meet her in person first.  When you join you’ll be able to access the closed Facebook group which means you can keep in touch with us and other young mums and dads.

There are other young women at the group who offer support and it’s great to feel safe in an environment where someone is willing to hold your little one so you can have a cup of tea.”