Volunteering with us

Volunteers continue to play a huge part in what goes on at the Rendezvous.

Volunteer Tutors

One to One Learning with Volunteer Tutors is a key part of our work at The Rendezvous.

Giving your time as a Volunteer Tutor means giving practical support to a young person whose missed out at school, helping them gain their Level 1 or 2 Functional Skills English and Maths Qualifications.

Young people need these qualifications to move on and into apprenticeships, employment or back into education. They gain hugely in confidence throughout the process and can start thinking about their next steps in life.

Last year 30 tutors helped 34 young people from Dorset pass Functional Skills Maths or English exams and since we started in 2014, we have helped over 100 young people do the same.

We are now developing the service in Yeovil where we intend to be up and running from January 2021, thanks to funding from Somerset Community Foundation.

“If I hadn’t got my maths qualification then I’d be kicking around Sherborne in a dead-end job watching everyone else go off and do exciting things. Now that won’t happen…”

How does it work and what makes it different?

The young person, or Learner, is paired with a Volunteer Tutor and they work together one to one at the Learner’s pace.  This can be crucial for those who find classrooms make them anxious and unable to learn.

They meet weekly either online or in person at our Centre in an unpressured non-judgemental atmosphere.  When the tutor thinks they are ready, they sit their exam rather than preparing for a set date.  It’s flexible so Learners and Tutors can start at any time throughout the year and take the exam when they are ready

“It’s good that it’s 1:1 so I can work at my own pace. At school, the teacher has a whole class. If one person gets lost, there’s no time for 1:1 and so I got a step behind.”

What are we looking for?

  • You don’t need a teaching qualification or teaching experience
  • You need competence in English and Maths (A level standard)
  • We look for kindness and patience, the ability to explain concepts clearly and calmly and not to judge

What is it like being a Volunteer Tutor and what will you get out of it?

Working with a young person and seeing their reaction when they pass their Level 1 or 2 Maths having previously failed at school is hugely rewarding for the volunteer tutor.   Helen who has been a volunteer for several years says

‘I get more from volunteering than I give…it feels good to know I’m having a positive effect on a young person’s life’

How much time will you need to give?

2 to3 hours a week in either our Sherborne hub or Yeovil, Gillingham/Shaftesbury or online.

What support will you get?

  • You will receive free NSPCC safeguarding training
  • You will have an induction to show you the materials and examination papers, and the IT
  • You will be given your own Rendezvous email address, access to Teams for one to one tutoring and Google Classroom to share resources with other tutors
  • You will be given a Mentor – an existing tutor to shadow and share their experiences – and monthly tutor meetings

What safeguarding do we undertake?

All applicants are subject to DBS checks and our application and interview processes follow safer recruitment guidelines.  All Volunteers receive free NSPCC Safeguarding training

What measures are in place regards Covid?

We follow the National Youth Association’s Covid guidelines and have strict protocols in our Centre.  As an educational centre, Learning can continue to take place but we also have the option to continue tutoring online.

Do we pay expenses?

We can cover reasonable travel expenses where appropriate

How do you find out more or apply?

Contact Julie Bartle and Faye Dimdore Learning@therendezvous.org.uk 07572 918240

What other volunteering opportunities are there?

Covid-19 has limited our ability to offer other volunteering opportunities but behind the scenes administration support is always needed on an ad hoc basis and we are particularly interested to hear from people with PR, HR and social media expertise to share.

Contact Julie Bartle and Faye Dimdore Learning@therendezvous.org.uk 07572 918240