Emotionally Connected Sherborne

Past projects
Photo: Matthew Ball

UPDATE: This project came to a successful end. We helped the Primary School to set up inschool counselling and access funding, the Gryphon school project was disseminated across other schools and our own mental health programme at The Rendezvous was further supported by the Friends of the Yeatman Hospital.

The Rendezvous is behind a project connecting emotional support for children between the ages of 6 and 19 in Sherborne.

The project which has been funded by the Friends of the Yeatman Hospital has enabled us to provide counselling for children (5-11) in Sherborne Primary School; group work for years 7-9 focussing on self-esteem at the Gryphon School which was developed by the school’s pastoral team and then adapted and successfully delivered to young children in several local primary schools; additional one to one support for teenagers delivered by Jemma and Sam at the Rendezvous.