Meet on the streets: Gillingham

Current projects
Photo: Michael Day

If you are a bit too old for youth club or you can’t get to one of our venues, we have teams of Rendezvous staff who meet young people in the streets or parks in different towns. 

The regular Gillingham outreach project is currently on hold because of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions but we will be back as soon as we can. New for 2021 will be the use of the new Council Community room so we can split the sessions offering a base for more in-depth targeted work. 

A big thanks as always goes to the Gillingham Town Council for funding this project which kickstarted our work in this part of the county. We now also run a Gillingham Young Parents project, provide learning opportunities and have plans to provide more support for young people in the area. The support of the Council has been invaluable throughout.

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