Meet on the streets: Shaftesbury

Past projects
Photo: Derek Harper

We’re looking forward to the Covid-19 restrictions easing off so we can start our latest new outreach programme in Shaftesbury. 

We run outreach projects in different towns. Each one runs slightly differently but they are all there to give you a chance to talk, share, offload, ask questions and get some encouragement from our youth workers.

Our Meet on the Streets youth teams have run pizza nights (for free!), drugs information sessions, hot chocolate sessions in winter and lots more.  They’re not the police. You can talk to them or ask about anything.

The one year pilot project in Shaftesbury will be led by Rebecca Jobling. Rebecca, who has a long history of working with young people in Shaftesbury, will work closely with our colleagues who run the Gillingham outreach project.

Funded by Toby’s of Shaftesbury Fund (Dorset Community Foundation)