Back to normal for young parents

Young Parents
PHOTO: jelleke-vanooteghem-zpQpn5N1na8-unsplash

Our groups in Sherborne and Gillingham are opening up again!

Now that restrictions are easing the Cheap Street Church Hall (Sherborne) and Riversmeet Leisure Centre (Gillingham) have given us the go-ahead to run our weekly groups. This is great news for all the young families who have been so isolated at home during the pandemic.

Over the last year we’ve kept in touch by phone, online and through one-to-one appointments but nothing beats meeting up face-to-face. We recently asked our young parents what they were most looking forward to as life slowly becomes more normal. Being able to meet other mums for baby playdates and taking the children out to do more than just go to the park was high on the agenda so we’re very happy to oblige.

The majority of our young families are excited and relieved about the easing of restrictions. But not everyone feels the same and we are mindful of the 25% who say they are anxious about a return to normality. Twelve months of isolation has taken its toll on people of all ages and, as always, the team will work with young families in the way that suits them best. 100% of our young parents say they would recommend the group and the young parents’ support to other people so we know we are doing something right!

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the weekly groups (Wednesday, Sherborne and Thursday, Gillingham) or would like some individual advice and support then do get in touch with Sarah using the form below. (Sarah generally works Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays so she may not be able to get back to you immediately).