The Discovery Project – a life changer


The Discovery Project pilot programme has been transformational for everyone who took part.

Over the course of ten weeks four young people struggling with high levels of anxiety spent time exploring and learning about their situation, their triggers and how to manage them. In doing so they’ve found their voice. They have grown in confidence and learnt to laugh again, to make friends, and start to imagine a future not ruled by their anxiety. Now, after years of non-attendance, there’s even talk from some about going to college.

The group wanted to explain to teachers what it feels like to be anxious in school and what might help and so they’ve produced a booklet that will be distributed to teachers and professionals across Dorset. It provides much food for thought so do please take a look.

The programme was part of a two-year NHS-funded pilot run by Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). And whilst it may be over for now – watch this space! We have secured some funding and are delighted that Jemma and Sam will once again be able to play their part co-producing and delivering the project alongside our fantastic colleagues from the Dorset Mental Health Forum and a new group of young people who are anxious but ready for change.

If you know someone who might benefit from taking part in a project like this then please get in touch with Jemma using the form below.