Excellence, respect and friendship

Volunteers at the Summer Tea – August 2021

If there were medals for volunteering we would bet on the Rendezvous team taking a place on that podium – they really do embody the three core Olympic values of excellence, respect and friendship.

Over the last 18 months our volunteers have continued to support young people, the team and each other with good humour and patience. They have shared their expertise with us and with the young people they tutor – they are the reason that young people have been able to pass 50 exam papers since lockdown.

Some of our volunteers have been with us for years – Paul Blake has been a volunteer maths tutor since the learning project began seven years ago whilst others are new and just finding their feet – but all become friends.

On a wet afternoon in August and for the first time since lockdown we were finally able to get together in person to let them know just how much they are appreciated. Over tea and scones at the local Three Wishes cafe, we were able to chat, to celebrate and say thank you. They really do make a difference.

If you’d like to know more about volunteering then do get in touch with Julie or Faye