A second chance

Photo: Brett Jordan

This week saw the return of one of our old learners who came to ask for help. 

This young person had tried to learn with us in the past but at that time, they were fresh out of school with no qualifications and just hadn’t been able to focus and commit to the sessions. They ran us, and our amazingly patient tutors, a merry dance. 

Now, three years later the young person has come back to us of their own accord and asked to take both English and Maths classes. 

This young person, who was never going to listen to anyone’s advice when they were younger, now sees for themself how important having basic qualifications is and they are motivated to learn. We of course said yes because we recognise it takes some people longer than others to get to that point.

Coming to us by choice makes a huge difference. It raises the chance of success considerably and that applies across all our work whether it’s young people learning with us or working one to one to address emotional health and wellbeing needs, participating in targetted group work etc.

We are very happy to welcome this young person back because we try to offer everyone a second chance.  If young people can’t learn with us then it’s unlikely they would be able to learn elsewhere in a traditional classroom setting.

You can find out more about the learning programme here or if you would like to support our programme you could become a volunteer tutor or make a donation.