Wellbeing: Oliver’s story*

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Oliver’s home environment was difficult. Both his parents struggled with poor mental health.  He started missing school and rarely left the house becoming increasingly anxious and socially isolated.

At 15 this could have a profound affect on his future, limiting opportunities open to him if he failed to gain his GCSEs and leading to a further deterioration in his own mental health. Oliver’s mum managed to persuade him to go to see his local GP and his Doctor talked to him and suggested he came to the Rendezvous for support.

What happened next

Oliver got in touch and agreed to see Jemma every week. Over the course of three months Oliver worked with Jemma whose relaxed approach put him at ease. She worked with him to help him build his self-esteem and reduce his anxiety. She set him small tasks each week to do between sessions that started to build his confidence incrementally.

The difference it made

Oliver began to attend school more regularly and in turn became less isolated. He is now able to meet up with friends out of school and has just started to return to school on a reduced timetable. It won’t be long before he is back full-time and he won’t be needing us for much longer – and that can only be a good thing.

Want to know more or get involved?

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