Urban Orienteering in Gillingham


Did you know that Gillingham, Dorset is one of the few towns to have its own urban orienteering trail? In fact, do you know anything about orienteering?

For those who don’t (and we didn’t!) then why not take a look at the short film made by the Rendezvous outreach team working with film-maker Marianne King and a group of young people from the town to explain to people what orienteering is and how to take part.

There are lots of ways people of any age can use the trail – as a guide for a leisurely walk taking in natural highlights of the town or as a time-tracked race against others or aiming for a personal best. It’s fun to do and the young people who made the short film had fun making it.

It was so much fun that several of those young people are now playing a key role in the Gillingham Youth Collective Media Makers Group so you can expect to see a lot more media work coming from them in the months to come.