The Rendezvous’ recent ‘StayDay’


Recently, the core Rendezvous team came together for a special awayday. Although it may have been more of a “team stayday” since we gathered at the Sherborne centre, the importance of getting together cannot be overstated.

During the day, we took the time to reflect on the effectiveness of our different work strands in achieving our mission, delved into the systems that support our work and explored ways to streamline and enhance them.

The traditional post-lunch lull was transformed into a lively session appropriately titled “The things that annoy you most about IT.” The outcome? A wall adorned with colourful “problem post-its” that highlighted areas of frustration. However, this exercise also generated some great ideas on how IT solutions could solve non-IT issues. Building on this we will holding some bespoke IT training over the summer.

A big thank you goes to Ingrid Uden for her expert facilitation throughout the day. Her guidance and expertise added immense value to our discussions, ensuring a productive and engaging experience for everyone involved.

The away day not only provided a valuable opportunity for collaboration and reflection but also strengthened the bonds within our team. We were reminded of the importance of face-to-face interactions and the power of coming together to share ideas, solve problems, and foster a positive work environment and are grateful for everyone for giving up a sunny Saturday to be there.