Top tutor team…


The summer term is always busy as many of our learners start to sit exams. At this time anxiety levels can rise still further and our amazing tutors do a great job not just preparing them academically but helping calm nerves and providing constant encouragement.

So, at this busy period, a huge thanks go to those volunteer tutors who were able to make our tutor afternoon in May, to Hugh Griffiths one of our longest serving volunteers who did a fantastic job leading the maths session and of course to Julie and Faye who put together the whole afternoon.

It was a lovely opportunity to bring together both English and Maths tutors from the Sherborne and Yeovil learning project. As well as finding out more about new resources and exam moderation, it was a great chance to get to know one another and learn from each other.

We are grateful to the Yeovil Samaritans for hosting our afternoon and of course for hosting all our learning sessions – Morley House is a great space to work in.

As always a huge thanks go to CABWI and Somerset Community Foundation for their financial support of our Learning programme.