Sherborne skaters ride again…

Sherborne Skate - BMX, SKRRBS
Sherborne Skate – BMX, SKRRBS – Yes, we know it’s not a skateboard!

Hats off to local man Lloyd and his friends who, under the name of SKKRRBS, organised a free skatejam event to celebrate the Sherborne skatepark’s 10th birthday.

We were delighted to be asked to support this amazing event which was open to everyone. The atmosphere was fantastic and the skaters really demonstrated the best of the skating community – they were encouraging of each other, supportive of those who took the occasional tumble and considerate and respectful of the younger ones.

There must have been more than a 100 there at one point including mums and dads and family looking on whilst skaters, BMXers and the occasional scooter and person on roller skates did their thing, showing off their skills, performing their tricks with the best being rewarded with t-shirts and merchandise.

A big thank you should go to the Sherborne Town Council and in particular to Steve Shield, the Town Clerk, and his team for being so supportive of the event and helping to make sure it ran smoothly and properly.

Now in his early 20s, Lloyd knows the Rendezvous from years gone by and he and his friends know how much they gained from  having free access to spaces designed specifically for young people and now just want to give back – as well as just keeping on skating. We’re hoping to be able to do more with Lloyd and the crew in the months to come so watch this space…”