Amy’s story

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Picture Toa Heftiba @ Unsplash

I’m Amy, and I want to share my experience at the Rendezvous.

Life hasn’t been easy for me, but thanks to this incredible place, I’m starting to see of hope. I’m 17, and I came here after leaving school because I went through some really awful stuff — abuse and bullying. It messed me up so bad that I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my house. I spent months cooped up, scared of the world. I live with my mom, who’s a single parent and is really not well. During my time at the Rendezvous, I ended up becoming her carer.

When I first arrived, I didn’t have any clear goals or dreams for my future. I felt lost. But the people here saw something in me. They told me that I was smart and capable, so I decided to give it a shot. I started studying Level 2 Maths and English. It wasn’t easy, especially with all the emotional baggage I was carrying, but I knew I had to push through.

One day, we had this speaking and listening presentation, and I decided to talk about my experience with school. I poured out all my thoughts and feelings, the good and the bad. I shared my insights and, yeah, a lot of anger too. It felt good to let it all out, to be heard without judgment. The team here encouraged me to work with their mental health lead. I was skeptical at first, but it turned out to be a game-changer. Having that safe space to process my emotions was a relief. I could finally start to feel better.

Then, I joined this employability project at the Rendezvous called “The Future is Yours.” It made me think about what I wanted for my future, about college and all the possibilities. The Rendezvous team helped me attend an open evening at Yeovil College and supported me through the application process. I never thought I’d have a chance like this, but they believed in me.

You won’t believe how much my confidence has grown since I came here. The team saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. They encouraged me to find a part-time job, and with their support, I did it.

It wasn’t easy juggling work and studies, but I kept going and guess what? I passed my Level 2 Maths and English qualifications! It felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

But that’s not all. I got accepted into College for September 2023! I’m going back to full-time education, and I’m really excited.

I used to think my past would define me forever, but now I’m more optimistic about my future. The Rendezvous helped me see that I can put the past behind me and move forward.