Recognising Jemma…


We are so proud of Jemma Turner, our Mental Health and Wellbeing lead who has been given an award by the High Sheriff of Dorset, Colin Weston.

Jemma is already well-known in Sherborne for the amazing support she gives to young people in the area and we’re so pleased that it’s been recognised further afield. She shared her award with the whole team who joined her and the other award winners at a lovely evening held at the newly revamped Dorchester Museum (well worth a visit!).

This is what the High Sheriff had to say:

Jemma has dedicated the last 17 years of her life to the Rendezvous and  helping the young people of Sherborne to navigate difficult lives and challenging circumstance.     

Jemma is the local face of the centre, she’s known by young people as the one to go to when things are tough and it seems that no one else understands.  She embodies the Rendezvous ethos and never turns her back on anyone and remains calm, patient and non-judgmental no matter the circumstance.  

Over the years she has helped hundreds and hundreds of young people to develop the resilience, confidence and self-esteem they need to take their next steps in life and is now helping to develop a team of people able to follow in her footsteps.  Parents come to her for advice and help and professionals are always pleased to find out she is there in the background providing the support young people need. 

But we would also like to recognise the rest of the Rendezvous team. It really does take a team effort to make such a difference to so many young people’s lives every year.

We are also thankful to the many individuals who support our work and funders such as The Friends of the Yeatman Hospital, BBC Children in Need, Garfield Weston, the Valentine Charitable Trust, Alice Ellen Cooper Dean Foundation, Sherborne Castle Country Fair and the Sherborne Classics and Supercars Show and both Dorset and Somerset Community Foundations. Their support and generosity means we can deliver the work. Thank you, this is an award we can all be proud of.

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