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Survey finds large number of local young people feeling anxious about restrictions lifting

Photo: Matthew Ball

According to our Spring Snapshots survey while many under 25 year olds in North Dorset and Yeovil were excited to go out and about and meet friends, a quarter of those asked expressed great anxiety about the return to ‘normal life’.

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Thanks to Sherborne shoppers

Photo: Christopher Bill

Thank you to all the lovely Sherborne shoppers who stopped by for a chat during our first street collection since the pandemic began.

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Gillingham Film Crew - Blustery day

Large maps and high winds…

Our film-crew-in-training discover that large maps and high winds do not go together!

One blustery Saturday morning in May saw the first pre-production session of our new film project, “Find Your Way”.

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Young Parents

Back to normal for young parents

PHOTO: jelleke-vanooteghem-zpQpn5N1na8-unsplash

Our groups in Sherborne and Gillingham are opening up again!

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Discovery Project - Stress - physical impact

The Discovery Project – a life changer

The Discovery Project pilot programme has been transformational for everyone who took part.

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Yeovil learning starts

Hoorah! After several false starts and delays owing to lockdowns and Covid restrictions beyond our control, our new programme in Yeovil is launching with face-to-face sessions in March whilst our existing learners will now be able to sit their exam papers in the Sherborne centre.

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