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Young people are amazing!

Photo: Anthony Delanoix

At the Rendezvous we help many amazing young people overcome adversity to transform their lives. We think our team are pretty special but ultimately it is the young people themselves who do ‘the real work’ to make this change happen and they are the ones who should be acknowledged and celebrated for their achievements no matter how big or small.

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Annual Report

Drawing a line under 2020/21

March 2020 seems like a very long time ago but our AGM in September, coupled with the publication of our latest Annual Report, gave us a good opportunity to reflect on those turbulent months and finally draw a line under ‘the virus years’.

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The new normal – getting there this September!

It certainly feels as though things are getting back to normal and we couldn’t be happier! This week has seen us re-open the centre properly for the first time since March 2019: the soft furniture is back in place; we’ve welcomed two new staff members; restarted ‘Bekah’s Kitchen’; invited our local PCSO, Jamie Randell, to visit our young parents’ group in Sherborne to talk about home safety; restarted our learning sessions in Sherborne and Yeovil after the summer break and managed to avoid a flooding issue in the centre.

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Back to school worries…

After the freedom of the long summer holidays, the start of the new school year fills many young people with dread.

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A day in the life of: Sarah Childs, Young Parents Lead

Sarah Childs – Young Parents Lead

In the first of a new series of articles to give insight into life at the Rendezvous, we asked Sarah Childs to tell us in her own words what a typical day is like for her.

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Group jump

Latest news…

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Excellence, respect and friendship

Volunteers at the Summer Tea – August 2021

If there were medals for volunteering we would bet on the Rendezvous team taking a place on that podium – they really do embody the three core Olympic values of excellence, respect and friendship.

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Young mums need help! (and dads too)

Our Gillingham Young Parents group is growing so fast we need two new volunteers to help with the weekly Thursday morning group (9.30-12.30).

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Our programme – from September

Photo: Chris Lawton

We want to do our bit to restrict the spread of the Delta variant so, whilst we are definitely moving towards ‘normal’, we are taking a cautious approach to opening up fully. 

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